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Bachelor thesis - Theses - BWL: Technology and Innovation
data, which have been used for calculations in the thesis. For further questions please contact Mengmeng Niu. Topic Priority Form. . Through the Digicampus group, students are provided with further instructions and an application template. After the confirmation of supervision has been granted (download and complete the application for admission to final theses on the examination office's website the final thesis can be registered on the agreed upon date. The Bachelor thesis topics of the department of Technology, Innovation and  Entrepreneurship mainly stem from the following research areas: Innovation Management, innovation Marketing, reverse Innovationen, technology Management. More precisely, the students task is to make themselves more familiar with a current research question, work up the field of literature and to empirically evaluate the conceptual model of a specific research Project.

The same applies for Master theses of other study programs (cf. Application requirements, students of the study programs BWL, iBWL, GBM, "Informatik und Informationswirtschaft and Information Systems (WIN) are eligible to apply for a thesis at the chair (please send an inquiry via email for other study programs). The final determination of the research question and procedure takes place after the confirmation of supervision has been given by the supervisor. As a matter of principle, we do not supervise theses with a so-called restriction notice stating that the work is not publicly accessible. Objective, based on a successfully passed research seminar, in which students had to closely engage with academic literature and learn to work scientifically, the objective of a final thesis at the chair is as follows: The objective. You will find information on the elements of a bachelor thesis as well as on the content and formal requirements that you should consider in our guidelines for a bachelor thesis and in our formal criteria guidelines.

The following topic areas are offered by the chair for your application. Why do these requirements exist? We recommend basic knowledge in the field of scientific work as well as an attentive reading of our guidelines. Please kindly refer to the research statement of the chair. Information Privacy, personal IT and IT Consumerization, sharing Economy and Gig Economy. We are delighted that you would like to write your bachelor thesis at the Research Group of Technology and Innovation Management. The number of accepted applications depends on the capacity of the research group.

Current bachelor thesis topics for those students enrolled in the. A promise of supervision does not mean that the final research question will be similar to the one drafted in the expos. A successful disposition is a mandatory prerequisite to register the thesis with the examination office. All documents, which have been gathered from the Internet as PDF files, particularly websites. For submission, please send an email with the following documents to Mengmeng Niu. As part of the Bachelor thesis, students are supposed to learn how to empirically replicate and eventually extend a scientific paper in the field of Technology, Innovation and start-up management. . If the disposition proves to be considerably deficient, the chair reserves the right to end the collaboration; in this case the student may re-apply for a thesis in the next application period.

During the first meeting, possible thesis topics are discussed related to the allocated topic. However, our experience with past cooperations has shown that certain requirements must be met to be successful: Only master's theses (not bachelor's theses) are supervised with practice partners. Requirements for the expos, an expos (see below) and a copy of your current transcript of records must accompany the application. As you can see, these are not related exclusively to the content of the Marketing I course. The regular time limit for writing a Masters thesis is four months for the. Identity Signaling by Assimilation and Divergence State of the Art in Consumer Behavior. Exemplary bachelor thesis topics from the last year are: On the Hidden Pleasure of Photography Curation.

The expos serves as a basis for further topic consultation. For time limits of other study programs, see the corresponding examination rules. Topics for final theses, the topics for theses are taken from the research areas of the chair and its team. Application procedure, the application form for final theses can be found here. Citation technique of the guidelines for the formal design of scientific papers. The successful completion of the orientation phase is necessary in order to be accepted for the Bachelor thesis. The academic expectations of high-quality theses and the expectations of practice partners can sometimes differ significantly. In particular, this implies that concepts, phrases, or ideas taken from other sources (e.g. Hence, all theses and seminars at the chair are written and presented also in English language. Those who have been accepted, will receive further information about the kick-off event.

After the confirmation of supervision has been granted (download and complete the application for admission to final theses on the examination offices website the final thesis can be registered on the agreed upon date. Three hardcover copies of the thesis. Successfully passed a research seminar (Advanced Management Information Systems or Information Systems Research) proved through studis transcript; if the seminar was not taken at the chair, the research focus of the seminar paper may be subject to verification by the chair. Product's size-to-status relationship in driving consumer choice. You will then have the opportunity to rank the topics according to your preference. . Please send your application in due time by e-mail. If the registration does not occur on time, the thesis collaboration will be dismissed automatically.

In case any questions remain that cannot be answered by the information provided in the following, please contact. BWL-Track can be found here, and topics for, wiPd students can be found here. Disposition Approximately one month after the kick-off meeting, every student is required to hand in a disposition expos (3-5 pages) which describes (1) the topic of the thesis, (2) its research question and (3) the chosen methodology. First meeting with academic advisor Following the kick-off event, it is the responsibility of the students to contact and schedule a first meeting with their academic advisors within a week. . Important: The expos should show that you have already (scientifically) dealt with the chosen topic. The chair will then complete the form and forward it to the examination office. Suggestions for topics are usually made by the supervisor in accordance with the students interest and individual arrangements for an optimal supervision are made between student and academic advisor; if necessary, additional meetings are scheduled in order to prepare for the disposition. Applications will not be considered without these documents. This presentation offers all students of one cohort the opportunity to present the current state of their theses, and to discuss existing difficulties and challenges which students may have encountered while working on their theses. Alternatively, students can participate in a project phase (18 ects) in cooperation with the working group.

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