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12 hilfreiche Themen fr die Bachelorarbeit in Informatik
of the prototype by means of one (or more) interactive display applications. Aufgaben: Literaturrecherche / selbststndiges Aneignen von Fachwissen Ausarbeitung der zu testenden Konzepte (im Team) Entwicklung der Studiensoftware (Android oder iOS) Planung und Durchfhrung der Nutzerstudie (im Team) Analyse und Aufbereitung der Studienergebnisse Bei Erfolg des Projektes besteht die Mglichkeit an einer internationalen Publikation mitzuwirken. Tasks: UI design and information visualization: Employ a user-centered design process to design a touch-based UI for a portable measurement instrument for cell research, including aspects such as information visualization and measurement control.

A 3D model designer initially starts with a high-quality model and then simplify its faces using modern 3D software, such as Blender, Maya and etc. Als Ma der Effizienz dient hier in der Regel die Zeit, welche fr die korrekte Eingabe eines Passwortes/PIN bentigt wird. Requirements: Interest in interdisciplinary work, innovative technology, and cell research. Thereby a designer must carefully dealing with these result and sometimes manually fix these errors. Wir bieten Themen fr Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten und fr das Masterpraktikum an.

Send your application with transcript of records and examples of your UI design work via email. In diesem Einzelpraktikum soll der Einfluss der verschiedenen Authentifizierungsphasen auf die Effizienz untersucht werden. "Design frictions for mindful interactions: The case for microboundaries." Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Kinect) Requirements Good programming skills Interest in conducting user studies Details MT Changkun Ou Understanding and Evaluating Human Preferences in 3D Modeling Description Mesh simplification intends to preserve the visual appearance of a 3D model while reducing its number of faces. Design a suitable online survey based on previous research to collect coping strategies Recruit n 300 participants, who fill out the online survey Evaluate the findings using qualitative and quantitative research analysis methods. To investigate the aspects of the confined space of a car for haptic feedbacks To explore categories of interaction/tasks well suited for the limited rear-seat VR usage References 1Li,., George,., Ngao,., Hollnder,., Mayer,., Butz,. An Exploration of Users Thoughts on Rear-Seat Productivity in Virtual Reality. Tasks The thesis comprises of the following tasks: Conduct an extensive survey of related research with a focus on personality assessment and attitude towards data sharing. Human Haptic Perception: Basics and Applications (pp.

Showing on-screen cues to guide each user in a different way. This thesis, aims to explore the raised opportunities and challenges from the availability of smart devices in our daily vicinity. Dafur wird einKonzept entwickelt, um Stress bei Einsatzkrften der Feuerwehr zu berwachen und managen. Requirements: Interest and experience in music theory. Bitte lesen Sie diese sorgfltig durch. In our investigation of this problem, we published this work ( link ; video ).

This raises, in our opinion, ethical and privacy concerns and might potentially lead to misuse. Mohamed Khamis GravitySpot.0: Guiding Multiple Users in Front of Public Displays Using On-Screen Visual Cues Description In this project, the student will extend a previous project called GravitySpot ( link ; video ; talk ). Review of previous work on interaction with public displays is necessary. But what would interfaces and the corresponding interactions look like if irreversible actions were central components of interaction design? Tasks, get familiar with VR/AR hardware and software. During such group meetings, where the environment is essentially a multi user environment involving interaction between participants, it is important that each participant can be completely immersed in the environment and for that, interaction and visualization techniques need to be developed. Deswegen gibt es hier keine Liste mit feststehenden Themen; wenden Sie sich bei Interesse stattdessen. How can we tangibilize meaningful moments in a journey (or take them with us)?

Those displays are interacted with by many different users over the course of the day. 5Balters,., Mauriello,. or the device itself what, half an hour passed whereas I just wanted to see what time it was. In this thesis, you will perform user-centered research to investigate elicitation process, uncertainty and ambiguity of human preferences while mesh simplification in 3D modeling. Proceedings of the 23nd Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, 209218. Multitoe: high-precision interaction with back-projected floors based on high-resolution multi-touch input. Um Ihnen den Einstieg in Ihre Abschlussarbeit zu erleichtern, stellen wir eine. Prototyping: Create suitable prototypes for the user-centered design process and for presenting the developed designs to various stakeholders. Typically, gesturing follows the pointing metaphor, wherein one or both arms are extended to point towards the device,.g., a display.

Tasks You can choose between different tasks: Configuring and working on the server, its scalability and stability, as well as the data base (MariaDB) Working on the internal web based front end of the server, which depicts the current status. Org Details BT/MT Ville Mkel On-Body Gestures Description Mid-air gestures enable new and exciting ways of interacting with technology, especially because devices can be interacted with from a distance. Our homes are currently equipped with ubiquitous computing services, be it our smart phones, smart TVs, Alex, or lifelogging devices. However, VR also provides users with capabilities they don't have in the real world, such as observing their surroundings outside of their normal viewpoint. Conducting a study with students. Tasks Comprehensive survey of related work Get familiar with hardware and software Conceptual design of interaction and visual techniques between avatars that enhance the virtual immersion Carry out a initial survey using 'Oculus Go' to determine the necessary interaction features. In Proceedings of the 24th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques - siggraph'97 (pp. However, with the current pandemic situation, people are getting reluctant to touch those displays, as they suspect a potential contamination of the surface by previous e main objective of this thesis is to come up with novel user interfaces and.

Die Themen stammen blicherweise aus einem unserer. However, a persistent problem is the expressive and novel nature of the interaction: users may feel uncomfortable gesturing in places wherein they receive unwanted attention. Visual feedback in performer-machine interaction for musical improvisation. Comprehensive survey of related work, design and development of a prototype. Org/10.1121 2 Wiegand,., Mai,., Hollnder,., Hussmann,. Org/10.1007/ _35 4Augsten,., Kaefer,., Meusel,., Fetzer,., Kanitz,., Stoff,., Becker,., Holz,., Baudisch,. Hier findest Du Themenvorschlage von Unternehmen, Hochschulen und Forschungsgemeinschaften.

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